My Name is Buster. I’m a 65 lb. male Chocolate Labrador Retriever. I will be five in May. I’m a very good Waterfowl and Upland Bird Hunter. I’m a very fast retriever. Even though I’m very fast and intense in the field – I’m a very relaxed dog in the house and I sleep most of the time. For 5 – I’m pretty silly and love all people and other dogs. I’m owned by Ben & Kelly Fullerton.





Soggy Acres High Caliber is just Callie to all that know her. She is a three year old Labrador Retriever from Jeff Fuller’s Soggy Acres Retrievers out of Delavan, WI. Callie is a great family dog who has an incredible drive to hunt upland game and also loves to retrieve. Whenever she sees my gun or hunting gear she starts to follow me around the house and jumps in the truck. She is ready to go as soon as I open the door. Callie loves the water and will retrieve all day when we take her out on the boat. She gets plenty of exercise with retrieving dummies in the yard and flushing birds in the fall and throughout the winter months.



This is Edge. He is an 11 year old Golden Retriever. His favorite past time is swimming, followed closely by training and showing in dog Agility and Flyball. He excels at both sports… ALWAYS running with a smile on his face.






This is forest. He is a 2 year old redbone coonhound. He loves playing keep away and thinks all dogs are his best friend. He’s pretty fast, it’s the slowing down he needs to work on! He’s always smiling and loves kids.







Hoosier was born on March 17th, 2011 and came home to his family in May of 2011. He is named after the Indiana Hoosiers where is mom went to College. Within the last 5 years (almost 6) Hoosier has grown to love his morning walks with grandpa, afternoon walks with grandma, and night walks with his parents – yes, he is spoiled! On the weekends, and when warmer, he loves to play fetch at the park close to the house; he doesn’t know when to stop. He also enjoys when his pup friends come over and they can run & run & run in the back yard! When it’s relaxing time, he does love to cuddle and sleep upside down! He loves everyone and is the sweetest dog you will ever meet! He hopes he can do well in the competition this year, but wishes the best of luck to all of the other contestants. Let’s get our run on! Woof. Woof.


Age: 4 years
Breed – Black Lab
Likes: Chasing the ball, playing with other dogs, stuffed animals, and insisting on going along for car rides
Dislikes: The washing machine
“Your cycle ends here” – Isabelle



Jada is a 4 year Lab/Golden mix, that we rescued from a farm. We call her “stealth dog” because at night you can’t see her and when I call her she usually ends up standing right next to me without a sound. She loves her toys and can stay outside all day just playing.
She’s a great all around dog!



King Arthur III
Arthur, a 10 year old Chocolate Labrador Retriever, is a ball catching superstar. Laying on the kitchen floor, waiting for scraps, is where you can usually find him. He loves to swim, play fetch, run along for bike rides and take long walks. His favorite past times are, eating, sleeping and cuddling. A perfect day for Arthur is lounging around with his cat brother Louie. Arthur enjoys camping, snores really loud and has a tail to watch out for.




Rhys, pronounced Reece, is an 8 year old Border Collie. His favorite past time is training and showing in dog Agility and Flyball, followed closely by swimming. He excels at both sports… having earned many ribbons and titles in both. He ALWAYS runs with a smile on his face and a bark in his throat.






This handsome boy’s name is Lambeau. He is a purebred yellow Labrador Retriever. He will be 2 years old in May. If he could play fetch all day, he would. He is full of energy and LOVES to swim and play in the snow. He is starting to learn how to pheasant hunt and enjoys going fishing!!! This picture was taken of him on our family ski trip this winter. Good luck in the fastest retriever competition, Lambeau! You are loved so very much!


Don’t let this sweet face fool you. This Poodle is sassy and full of mischief. Robbie’s favorite pastime is running through a field and scaring up any wildlife he can find. When stuck indoors, he keeps his retrieving skills sharp, by bringing random items to me that he feels I might find useful.





She loves playing with her sister, hunting pheasants, and competing in dog contests (Win or lose, she has fun.) In 2011 she did get first for fastest land retriever at West Allis Training Kennel Club.







Charlette Chocolate Martiny
Hi my name is Charlette Chocolate Martiny. I am a 2 year old chocolate lab. I love to hunt, and would do it all day if my parents would let me. I also love to go for walks and play with my sister Zoey. My favorite treats are bananas and carrots. I hate bath time even though I love to swim in every pond, puddle, or lake I see!





This awesome black labs name is Tucker. He will be 2 years old in April. He loved his first duck hunt this year and also enjoys upland hunting. He is his dad’s shadow! He loves to retrieve his bumper all day long. He loves the water and playing with his best friend Rylee! Good luck in the fastest retriever contest Tucker!





She is a 5 year old border collie/rat terrier mix. We adopted her as a pup from the Wisconsin Humane Society.
She loves to run, fetch tennis balls, and play & lounge around with us and our 3 boys.






Hi, my name is Jazz and I’m a two year old English Springer Spaniel, I love playing ball and long walks at the lake. My favorite treats are homemade tuna treats and Jerky. I also love car rides and ice cream cones and hanging out with my family, I’m eager to please and love a good time. This will be my first fastest retriever with an audience, hope I don’t get to distracted, wish me and my dad luck! Thanks, Jazz.


Meet Bailey! She is a pure bred black lab and is 15 months old! She enjoys training for duck and goose hunting! This is my first dog and she has been great. She loves rides in the truck with her head out the window to really catch the breeze! She is very excited to race next Friday.