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Getting Your Puppy Started on Birds


Birdiness is a prized attribute in any gundog. Introducing puppies to birds is one of the first bits of preparation that can go wrong, and a stressed introduction to birds is an easy way to ruin your pup. Ideally, you’ll be able to expose your puppy to birds as young as possible (around 12 weeks), but if you’ve rescued an older dog, these tips still apply.

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Preparing Your Pup for Hunting Season

Hunter with dog

Hunter with dog

“It’s all about the training!” Rick Sasek of the Milwaukee Dog Training Club passionately declared as I sat with him over a cup of coffee discussing his favorite subject, dogs. Rick, an avid bird hunter, knows what a satisfactory hunting dog looks like and, boy, does he know how to train them!

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Muzzleloader Season Opens Today

The close of this year’s gun deer season on Sunday signals the opening of the muzzleloader deer season, which opens today, November 30, and runs through December 9.

Hunters have the option of using a muzzleloader, a bow and arrow, or a crossbow during the season. It is important to note that muzzleloading firearms are the only firearms that may be used during the muzzleloader season.
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Wisconsin’s State Dog, the American Water Spaniel

by Laura Bauer


The American Water Spaniel was bred in the Midwest for hunting birds from boats. Wisconsin hunters needed a versatile, hearty dog that could withstand cold temperatures and would easily fit in a skiff. It is generally thought that the Irish Water Spaniel and the Curly-Coated Retriever, along with other smaller spaniels, are the ancestors of the American Water Spaniel.
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At the end of a long winter I cant wait for the time when autumn’s arrived and hunting seasons are opening everywhere, one of the first images that comes to mind, for me, is that perfect upland hunting scene: the yellow field stretches out in front of you, just slightly crisp from the melting overnight frost. Continue reading

Developing Outdoor Enthusiasts

All avid outdoor enthusiasts know that the surest way to keep their interests alive is to get someone new involved. Not only does this offer the opportunity to pass on time-honored traditions, but new involvement ensures the future of the activity you love, through favorable legislation, resource conservation efforts, and positive media representation. Continue reading