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Developing Outdoor Enthusiasts

All avid outdoor enthusiasts know that the surest way to keep their interests alive is to get someone new involved. Not only does this offer the opportunity to pass on time-honored traditions, but new involvement ensures the future of the activity you love, through favorable legislation, resource conservation efforts, and positive media representation. Continue reading

Get Kids Fishing at a Young Age

The sport of fishing, in order to stay alive, needs to have new blood in it. Without getting kids interested in fishing, whether it be just going down to the river to catch rough fish or competing in tournaments, the pastime of fishing will slowly fade away. Kids are the future of this sport, and you have to get them involved as early as possible. Continue reading

Fishing History!


While acquiring some old fishing tackle from a gracious 97 years young widow, she showed me her late husband’s fishing jacket. It was covered with Fishing Facts award patches that she planned to remove, and then donate the jacket to Goodwill. Continue reading