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10 Hiking Hacks!

Hiker on MountainHiking is a wonderful thing. The fresh air, the sounds of nature, the feeling of being completely stress free. Yes hiking is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it’s not as simple as we had hoped. There can be a lot of planning that goes into hiking, depending on the type of trail you’re pioneering or your skill level. Sometimes we pack too little, sometimes we don’t pack enough. And sometimes, we have to be a bit creative with how we package things. Thankfully, you now have 10 hiking hacks to assist you in your hiking needs!

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Wisconsin’s Winter Candlelight Events

So far, we’ve been lucky with this mild winter.  But, when the snow starts to fall, there’s almost nothing better than a candlelight walk. Lights flickering off the trees and snow, hiking, and good company make for a great evening.

Starting around sunset and continuing until early evening, a candlelight hike is a unique experience. Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or a tentative hiker, you’ve got to try a candlelight hike. Here are some options throughout the winter season:

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