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Winter Fishing Tips and Tactics

Fishing through the winter months can be very rewarding for a number of reasons. Cold temperatures keep fair-weather anglers home and hunting seasons lead many anglers to trade lakes for the woods. Winter is also the time of year when most freshwater species group up. The result: more fish for cold-weather anglers. During the coolest months of the year, preparation, research, and the proper tackle can make for memorable fishing trips. Continue reading

Feather Flinging for Musky

Nothing is more relaxing for an outdoorsman studying at UW-Stevens Point than reserving time to go fishing.  And since Point is recognized for its College of Natural Resources, it’s not too difficult to find a fishing partner who has a car and is willing to learn any new style of fishing on the vulnerable, overwhelming Wisconsin River.  Continue reading

Tip-Ups and Teeth

When ice fishing, it’s hard to beat the adrenaline rush that a triggered tip-up flag brings. The quick response that follows can be quite entertaining as well. Watching your buddies run to the hole, performing an uncoordinated ice skating routine the entire way. I don’t know what’s more amusing, watching someone fall on their rear or watching them pretend nothing happened after getting up.   Continue reading

Walleye Trolling Tactics

Although jigging spring walleyes is very productive during pre-spawn and immediately after post spawn, nothing can beat trolling planner boards or long lining lures in the summer months. Many anglers simply throw on a Rapala, let some line out, and call it good. They even catch fish here and there.  What better way to cover a large amount of water and pull in fish, right? While this may be true, there are many other factors that can help you become a trolling master. Continue reading