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Save the Eagles!

Taking flight

Taking Flight

In 1963, approximately 487 pairs of eagles remained in 48 states. This dangerously low number of eagles was due in part by destruction of the eagle’s environment, hunting, and DDT. Today, since the ban of DDT and the Endangered Species Act, the eagle population has been growing and now eagles can be found primarily in the northern majority part of Wisconsin! In honor of National Save the Eagles day, here are a few interesting facts about eagles: Continue reading

7 Photos of Wisconsin That Will Make You Glad You Live Here

As if you needed any more proof that Wisconsin is by far the greatest state of them all, here is an accumulation of pictures that solidify this belief. Whether winter, spring, summer, or fall Wisconsin’s natural beauty is sure to stun them all!

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Island Hopping on Lake Michigan

by Ken Braband, republished with permission from

During the final weekend of September I paddled and camped a portion of what might one day be America’s newest national park. There’s an effort underway to place The Grand Traverse Islands –  islands and some surrounding mainland from Wisconsin’s Door County to Upper Michigan’s Garden Peninsula – under control of the National Park Service. You can click this link to learn about the proposal and to sign the petition. It’s a worthy idea that would offer new levels of access and protection for this amazingly beautiful part of the world.

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