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Some Like it Cold: Sheboygan Surfing

“Some Like it Cold: Sheboygan Surfing” was originally published at and is being re-published here, with permission from the author Ken Braband.

From countless hours of reading surf magazines, he realized for the first time that Sheboygan was in the best location for surfing anywhere on the Great Lakes. Understanding that surfers are only restricted by geographic necessity (a coastline that generates sizable waves), he no longer saw a series of river mouths, rocky outcroppings, piers, jetties, sandbars and a reef one mile offshore, but rather twenty-two different breaks over a five-mile stretch that with a surfboard could be conquered like never before.
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Island Hopping on Lake Michigan

by Ken Braband, republished with permission from

During the final weekend of September I paddled and camped a portion of what might one day be America’s newest national park. There’s an effort underway to place The Grand Traverse Islands –  islands and some surrounding mainland from Wisconsin’s Door County to Upper Michigan’s Garden Peninsula – under control of the National Park Service. You can click this link to learn about the proposal and to sign the petition. It’s a worthy idea that would offer new levels of access and protection for this amazingly beautiful part of the world.

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