In this present day and age, technology saturates our surroundings. It does both good things and bad things, often times encroaching on our traditional ways. Fishing is far from immune when it comes to these new waves of technology. In some cases, it has actually been beneficial. Websites such as lakelink.com and tools such as Google Earth have been around for a while and are pretty well known amongst anglers. However, a lot of those tools are limited to a Wi-Fi connection away from a lake. In the age of smartphones, fishing apps can prove to be indispensable when you’re out on your next trip. Here are some that every smartphone-owning angler should have:

  • Solunar Tables: it’s often debated whether solunar tables make a difference; some people swear by them. A lot of anglers take them into consideration since they’re based in science. Regardless of where you stand, there are several apps that will allow you to view the solunar tables and even get them directly on your smartphone’s calendar. I have tried several and they are all pretty much the same, so pick one that looks promising.
  • Fishidy: to some, the idea of a social network for anglers seems like verbal irony. After all, wouldn’t they want to keep their spots secret? Fishidy defies that stereotype. You can input any major lake and it will show you hotspots on that lake as reported by users and pros alike. While not all lakes are included and not all lakes have spots, it still is a great tool to have. It will show you the species, launch locations, lake structure, and other helpful information right in the app.
  • Fishbrain: This app follows the same general idea as Fishidy, but has some pretty cool additional features. Using input data, it claims an algorithm that can calculate your chances of catching a certain species and how certain lures and conditions will affect your catch. It’s a premium feature that I haven’t personally tested out yet, but the reviews have been positive overall.
  • Bill Dance: Yes, that Bill Dance. You probably have seen the viral videos of him falling out of his boat and such, but he sure knows a great app when he sees one. While it’s probably unlikely that he personally made the app, he certainly made it seem that way. All of his videos and tips are on there, as well as knot guides. Pretty handy.
  • BassMaster: Whether you’re a BASS member or not, you’ll definitely find something helpful in this app. Lots of articles and videos.
  • F&S Reader: If you read Field and Stream, you already know about their proven track record with outdoors content. This app allows you to read any of their articles fast and easy.
  • FLW: If you follow the FLW, then you’ll like this app. It keeps you up to date with all news, tournaments, videos, and fishing tips.

While these are not all the fishing apps out there (new ones are being released all the time), these ought to give you a taste of when technology and our favorite passion join forces.


Jack S. Nebel, Jr

Technical Director, UW-Whitewater Club Fishing Team