Like you, we’re huge fans of outdoor adventure—especially when we get to explore the beautiful backcountry of the United States.

Looking for breathtaking views, diverse wildlife, and ample outdoor activities? We’re thinking Montana. Aptly dubbed “Big Sky Country,” Montana’s landscape varies from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains.


Spotted Bear River

We chatted with long time Montana residents, Diamond R Ranch, about what makes a trip to “Big Sky Country” unforgettable. Diamond R specializes in treating guests to Black Bear hunting, fishing for West Slope Cutthroat Trout, and Elk and Deer hunting excursions.

Diamond R Ranch sits on the shores of the scenic Spotted Bear River—and their lodge is the only structure you find along the entire length of the river.

The South Fork of the Flathead is another local favorite. “It’s a beautifully clear river that is loved by both fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts for the scenic float. You can see the rocky bottom even in some of the deepest water,” says Diamond R’s Lisa Lee.


The South Fork of the Flathead

img005Northwest Montana is home to Glacier National Park and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex (the complex is comprised of the Great Bear, Scapegoat and Bob Marshall Wildernesses). When the Hungry Horse Dam was constructed in the area, a 110-mile loop around the reservoir was built. According to Lee, “The southern end of the Hungry Horse Reservoir is about as close as you can get to the wilderness before needing to leave motorized vehicles behind. Access in the wilderness is limited to foot traffic (people or four-footed animals, like horses).” 
Reservoir pictured right and below.

img008Montana is also widely known as the best place to watch Rufus Hummingbirds. For several years, Diamond R Ranch was part of a research study due to the hundreds of birds that are in the area.

Rufus Hummingbirds

Rufus Hummingbirds

Diamond R Ranch knows this area like the back of their hand. Guests rave about the terrific fishing, incredible scenery, wildlife viewing, the food, and relaxing on the deck at the end of the day. Guided summer trips can be customized to whatever length you’d like (they do offer 3 and 5 day packages).

Fishing buffs are encouraged to bring their favorite rod, but are welcome to use one of the ranch’s own. Their guide will help them select the proper flies once at the ranch. You’ll get to float fish on two sections of the South Fork and wade fish on Spotted Bear River and several nearby other creeks.

One Diamond R guide, Vic McGary, had a bull come in a little too close for comfort.

More into hunting? Diamond R Ranch offers the Elk and Deer hunts as Archery or Rifle. Montana hunting is about as big as it gets. One Diamond R guide, Vic McGary, had a bull come in a little too close for comfort. A hunter was knocked backward and pinned to a tree. Luckily, the spread on the antlers was wide enough to avoid injury, and the hunter was none the worse.

As we’re sure McGary and his guests can attest, big country = big experience.

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If you’re interested in exploring Montana with Diamond R Guest Ranch, you can find them at the Sports show, booth 412, and online.