2018 Fastest Retriever


Bear is a 5 ½ year old German Shorthair Pointer/ Labrador mix.  He is an avid outdoor dog who can often be found playing fetch or running around the yard with a ball in his mouth.  Bear enjoys going to the dog park, swimming up north, and long naps in a cozy spot.  He is our pride and joy and is excited to put those many, many, hours of fetch to use!


Baily is a female, 11 month old Labrador retriever, and is being trained to hunt waterfowl and upland birds.


Aspen joined our loving family at the young age of 6 weeks. Now 2 yrs.old her strong determination and drive for hunting pheasants has been her passion. Trained by owner Jim with the help of Rick Schmitz owner of “Behind the Blinds”.


Beaver is a field bred English Springer Spaniel that turns 9 in April.  He was High Point 2010 Midwest puppy and is also an Upland Master Hunter. A South Dakota veteran on pheasants.  He loves to run and retrieve.


Benny is a pure bred 9 month old black lab.


Brandy is a young, almost 1.5 year old yellow lab who loves to hunt pheasants and ducks, go fishing, go swimming, go to the dog park, and chase the three cats that share her house. Brandy is best friends with Gene Krueger, and allows him to spoil her rotten. She wants to say hi to everyone she sees.


This is Charlie.  She is a 5 year old Labrador retriever.  And she loves to play fetch!  She injured her ACL and had surgery on her rear left knee just before she turned 2. She’s not been professionally trained, she’s one of the family with her own place on the couch!  She loves hunting upland game birds and jumping off the pier or pontoon at the family cabin near Tomahawk.  You may have seen her outrunning all the other dogs at Currie Park chasing her tennis ball.  


Clifford was born December 5th 2015, in Portage, WI and currently resides in Oak Creek, WI. He loves his family and is a great protector. He is enthusiastic and playful, but loves to cuddle up and take long naps. Clifford enjoys the outdoors and sniffing around through wooded areas. Running through tall grass is one of his favorite activities. He has a variety of toys that he stores around the yard, so one is never far from him to start a fast game of fetch or tug-o-war. Clifford is really looking forward to the competition and will have a large crowd there supporting him!


Clutch, is a pure bred field chocolate lab, he’s 6 years old  and full of energy!  He gets a lot of compliments on his good behavior and his fetching capabilities.  Ever since I taught him how to fetch, it is his favorite activity and especially loves to jump off of piers when fetching the BALL.  When he is out and about he could care less about other dogs, although he does like attention from people, he mostly cares about the BALL!  Clutch also loves to spend time in the truck, he’d rather spend hours in my truck driving around then be at home.  Over the past few months Clutch has been struggling to keep his weight on, due to some low kidney levels, but we are working through it.

My name is Cody and I’m 8 yrs old.  I’m a rescue dog from Nashville. Even though I have my doggy AARP card, i will give the young dogs a run for their money.


Hello I’m Costa Marie!! My family calls me Costa!! I’m officially 1 years old now! I guess that means I’m a big girl?? Most of my time is spent with my family. We spend lots of time duck hunting and swimming in our pool! I even started participating in dock diving at 6 months old!! Mom and dad say I’m one of the smartest labs they’ve ever owned! Shhh don’t tell my brothers! I can’t wait to represent Double C Labradors in this year’s 2018 fastest retrieve contest!! I’ll be competing Saturday at 5pm!! Come cheer me on!!!


Dorsey WILL be the most excited dog there to play fetch! He LOVES playing fetch and tennis balls! He loves tennis balls so much, that he would rather have a tennis ball than a treat. I tried training him to drop the ball for a treat, but he’d rather have the ball! So, it may take a bit to get him to drop the ball for his second retrieve at the contest!


Ellie Mae is a non stop ball retrieving black lab that is always on a daily ball fetching mission, like an energizer rabbit, she lives her life for a chuck it and ball.


This is Lily! She is almost two years old. Her favorite thing is a ball. She could play all day and night if she wanted to! Her favorite place is up north where she plays in the snow in winter and swims in the lake all day in the summer. She is a smaller lab but she is very fast! 

Molly is a smallish mix breed American Eskimo, cattle dog (per DNA test) rescued 1.5 years ago from Wisconsin Humane Society. Molly’s high energy level requires a job. We joined Milwaukee Dog Training club 4 months ago to find Molly’s job. Since then, Molly’s personality has just blossomed. We’re looking forward to the race!


Hi, my name is Nova. I am a 1 1/2 year old black Labrador retriever. I am very energetic and love everyone. My favorite things to do are hunting, swimming, and playing hide and seek with my deer antler. This will be my first year competing in the sports show! I will be accompanied by my two owners Jake Reindl and Rachael Westermeyer.


This is Stella. She is a 2 year old Labrador retriever that was the pick of the litter from my good friend Jim in Green Bay. She is my first dog and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog! She is great with my kids, and has won over my wife who, up until Stella came a long, wasn’t an animal lover by any means. Stella now spends more time cuddled up with my wife than me! Stella lives to play! She really lives up to her breed name and is always excited to go outside for some retrieving.