Bob Mercier

Whitetail Deer Behavior Specialist Consultant, Instructor, Author, Guide

Bob J Mercier has a unique understanding of Whitetail deer behavior, that sets him apart from every other person who ever studied deer. For the past 10 years Bob has taught thousands of people to have close encounters with the herd’s biggest-racked buck. It was no easy task, but now with more than 500 testimonials there is proof, those who use Bob’s Dominance Is Everything™ Deer Hunting System do encounter one of the biggest-racked bucks of their lives, on every hunt.

Bob’s latest discovery is knowing where you are inside the Whitetail Deer Herd Territory Map ©2019. Attendees of Bob’s Seminar Saturday, March 7, at 4:00 pm will get one free copy of the deer herd map, and you’ll learn where entire whitetail deer herds are at all times of the  day, all year long. You will learn how to read deer trails, and how to understand deer movements, from sunup to sundown. Using this new knowledge (Bob’s tactics) you will be able to encounter big-racked bucks in less than 5 hours of hunting, in the morning, during the  midday hours, or in late afternoon. Bob will also mention the whereabouts of shredded bark buck rubs on the herd map. Believe us when we say, it will all make sense to you once you  hear Bob explain it.

Deer hunters everywhere will benefit by getting familiar with the Whitetail Deer Herd Territory Map © 2019 by Robert Joseph Mercier – Distributed to the public exclusively by Deer Behavior Specialists LLC at