Bob Mercier

Whitetail deer behavioral expert Bob Mercier is sharing his knowledge of whitetail deer with everyone who is willing to learn. Bob is the inventor of the Dominance Is Everything® Deer Hunting System, which is a set of behavioral traits that deer hunters learn to adapt to by reading Bob’s book DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING…To A Monster Whitetail Buck! ©2011. Using the D.I.E. System changes the way deer perceive a human body as it moves through the woods, fields, and swamps that deer call home.

Bob learned from deer how to think like a deer, how to read deer sign like a deer, and how to move through the deer world like a deer. Bob teaches people to be invisible to deer, and to walk among deer (within 35 yards of any deer) in daylight. Using Bob Mercier’s tactics will change the way deer react to you so they will come to you, or allow you to get close to them on foot, without them getting alarmed and running away. The most dominant buck in the area at that time will seek you out. The king of the herd hunts a D.I.E. System User. The D.I.E. System is a way of hunting trophy bucks and adult does that cannot be beat!