Dave Van Oss

Captain Dave Van Oss: Capt. Oss has been a professional walleye fisherman for the past 25 years. In this time he has accumulated four tournament wins, two second place finishes in pro-am tournaments and numerous top money finishes. He is experienced in all techniques associated with walleye fishing, but his all-time favorite is trolling walleyes with nightcrawler spinner rigs. His accomplishments include 1997 P.W.T. on Lake St. Clair, MI, 2005 P.W.T. on Saginaw Bay, MI, 2004 World Walleye Association on Lake Winnabago, WI, 2009 Otter Street on Lake Winnabago, WI, 2015 2nd place N.W.T. Greenbay,WI, and 10 Top Ten finishes in the P.W.T. Events.