Gloriann Klein

Gloriann Klein, naturalist and environmental educator has worked on wolf education and wolf issues since the late 1980’s. She learned about wolf behavior while helping to raise two 9 litter wolf packs in Wisconsin captive wolf preservation center. She was then asked to help with wolf education efforts both prior and during wolf re-introduction in Yellowstone. In 1995, she served as Yellowstone’s first volunteer wolf interpretive ranger, and was featured in Rick McIntyre’s 1995 book, “War against the Wolf”. While living and traveling in Western states she participated in many wolf issues.

Gloriann has served as a qualified Wisconsin wolf stakeholder committee member and has testified before the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board and Wisconsin Legislature on the necessity of basing Wisconsin wolf management on sound science and biological principles. She reported on how hound hunting of wolves in Wisconsin alters wolf behavior. In addition, she provides wolf education programs featuring animal tracks. She also fact checks and objectively reports on wolf issues in Wisconsin and nationwide.

Gloriann has taken the initiative to implement a Wolf Education Program and Wolf Panel for three years (2018-2020) with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sports Show. Given the challenges of wolf management and conservation in Wisconsin, she has worked cooperatively with the state and federal agencies, wolf non-profits, along with wolf and wildlife biologists to provide a forum that invites public participation in constructive dialog on wolf conservation issues.