The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sports Show has been a staple in the Milwaukee community for over 75 years. The Sports Show has been one of the most beloved events for generations of sports enthusiasts, bringing together friends and family to enjoy their outdoor passions.

In the early days of the Sports Show, residents of Milwaukee knew the event was beginning when they heard the cannon shots throughout the downtown area. It used to be held at the Arena-Auditorium and featured a wide array of events and activities. Those present could be entertained by wrestling bears, high-diving mules, dog races, seal performers, canoe jousting, log rolling competitions, and more. Participants could take part in indoor trapshooting, fishing, shooting contests, beauty pageants, and birdhouse competitions. To this day you can see dog races, climb rock walls, and attend cooking seminars from area experts. Visitors can find booths for supplies and booths for trips. Lodges, resorts, guides, outfitters, and cabins will be present, sharing information about the best hunting and fishing trips.

In the 1940s this city saw the Milwaukee Sentinel Sports and Boat Show. Now, more than 75 years later, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is proud to host the Sports Show at the Wisconsin Expo Center on the State Fair grounds, bringing together those that share a love of boating, hunting, and outdoor activities.