Loren Voss

Loren Voss: Wisconsin Turkey Commander with 40 plus years of turkey hunting experience. He has personally harvested 126 turkeys with gun, bow and crossbow. He is a maker wing bone calls with own variation of the old Indian call. In the 2011 spring season he got a ‘trifecta’: Wisconsin Jake/Wednesday, Tom/Thursday, Bearded Hen/Friday. The 2014 season had 2 tags in area 3 -shot 50 pounds of Toms with 1 shot 26 and 24 pounder. The 2016 Season had a DOUBLE DOUBLE -10 birds for a total for 8 shots. Twice getting 2 birds with 1 shot. He has called for many hunters, with many being 1st time turkey hunters, and is proficient with knowing helpful hints in setting up decoys by using various tents, ghillie suit and camouflage systems for hunting, as well as various calls. He has been a guest on both Dan Small Outdoor Wisconsin and Around the Corner with John McGivern. He has published various articles in Wisconsin Out Door News, Badger Sportsman, and SCI magazines and articles by writers Carrie Zylka and Paul Smith of the Journal Sentinel.