Pat & Kelly LaBarbera

Pat and Kelly LaBarbera are from Black River Falls, Wisconsin and are both licensed falconers, flying Red Tailed hawks and American Kestrels. The couple has been hunting with raptors for over five years now and chase a variety of game, including cotton tailed rabbits, squirrels, and pheasants, along with English sparrows and starlings for the smaller raptors.

All raptors used in the sport by the LaBarberas are wild trapped raptors that develop a hunting partnership with the Falconers. Once out in the field the couple are treated to a front row seat to witness first hand the daily encounters between predator and prey.

Pat is currently the Chief of Police for the City of Black River Falls and Kelly is the Director of Nursing at a local Care Center in Black River Falls. They have one son, Michael, who also enjoys tagging along and practicing the sport.