Scott Stankowski

The Stankowski boys are steeped in the family tradition of sharing the outdoors. Since before the boys could even walk, Scott was taking them on exciting adventures. Through their lifestyle, Scott has carved a niche for all three as Senior Outdoor Writer for, where he shares interesting and educational articles on hunting and fishing. The boys spend the majority of their time together pursuing a variety of game in Wisconsin and out of state. From field to table, the Stankowskis take pride in eating primarily off of the land. Scott enjoys both watching and mentoring his boys grow into responsible adults through the fellowship of the outdoors. The boys are experts in turkey hunting, having called in or harvested over hundreds of turkeys combined in five states. All three are accomplished tournament turkey callers, combining for twelve titles.  Scott also is a contributing author for In addition, all three film and appear on Weekly Outdoor Plus Television, appearing on Fox 55 out of Central Wisconsin.

Austin Stankowski, 14

Cade (CJ) Stankowski, 11